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How to Post Job Vacancy ads for free at Sabah JobHunt?
Feel free to use one of the following method;

1. Instant Job Vacancies Ads Post;
   - Instant Post
   - Text only
   - Please ensure all details are correct before submit
   - Please contact Sabah JobHunt for correction
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2. Job Vacancies post
   - Upload form
   - posted within 3 hours
   - Upload your Image, document text format
   - All details related to your job ads
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3. Job Post by WhatsApp

   - Send your document/text/image etc using whats app
   - state your company name/person in-charge
   - Please send your job ads detail to 01115559033 >Sabah JobHunt<

4. Job Hunters list/ Mini Resume@Sabah JobHunt
   - Search Employee/Candidates using Sabah JobHunt Mini Resume
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5. Post using Facebook
   - Advertiser Can post using Facebook
   - Sabah JobHunt Time-line
   - Sabah JobHunt Facebook Page  
   - Sabah JobHunt Facebook group
   * All job post at Sabah JobHunt Facebook will be posted at http://www.sabahjobhunt2u.com*

6. Special arrangement?
   - Contact Sabah JobHunt via email; admin@sabahjobhunt.com
   - Contact Sabah JobHunt using WhatsApp; 01115559033

> Re-advertised or delete my job ads forms
   - State your "Job id"
   - Contact Sabah JobHunt Using WhatsApp
   - or Fill form here
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> Search Employee/candidates Using SJH Mini Resume

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