Handyman job vacancy Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Job titles/Vacancy: Handyman

Job Location: Kota Kinabalu

Job ads id: 251021/01

Job details/Job descriptions/Job requirements:

• Respond to requests for maintenance services, including replacing air filters, installing new locks and etc.

• Repair plumbing, electrical and safety systems as required.

• Regularly perform maintenance jobs and light repairs

• Fill gaps and provide painting services

• Perform lightning installation and carpeting

• Repair equipment and various machines and appliances

• Assist with electrical, plumbing or AC repairs.

• Undertake duties as assigned or emergency tasks.

• Identify and report the need for major repairs

- 3 years of experience as a handyman

- 3 years of experience with appropriate electrical tools and equipment

- In-depth knowledge of electrical, plumbing or AC systems

- Positive attitude and good communication skills

- Problem solver

- Attention to detail

Expiry date/Application deadline:


How to apply?:

Send resume to email at 


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